About Us

Born October 25th, 1975 in Albany, Ga. My parents who were members of the military moved to Clearwater, Fl when I was but 2 months old. I eventually settled in Tarpon Springs, Fl for my educational years. In the summer of 1991 I found a book called the Arnold Schwarzenegger Modern Bodybuilding Encyclopedia. I found lifting weights supplemented my already busy schedule with baseball, basketball, and volleyball often being more important. I continued to lift weights with moderate progress until my collegiate baseball career was through. At this time I moved to Ft. Lauderdale and began to train at Gold's Gym. With a job in food service and a schedule not so demanding bodybuilding soon became my focus. I spent the next several years forging myself through the advice of several avenues. Trainers, magazines and friends provided most of my knowledge but I often found myself hitting plateaus and becoming frustrated.

Things changed when I found a video series with Layne Norton. I started reading articles by him and was soon making improvements to my nutrition and training. I also discovered the world of drug free bodybuilding at this time and considered competing. Soon after I contacted Layne and began my contest preparation for the 2008 NPC Mid Florida Muscle Classic located every year in Orlando, Fl in early June. I entered the novice division and ended up being first in my class of 8.

I spent some time making improvements and got on stage for my second contest on November 7th, 2009. This was a drug tested event known as the NGA America International Championships. I placed first in the heavyweight class and after battling hard in the pose down I won the overall title and was awarded an NGA Pro Card.