Frequently Asked Questions


Weighing food can be done at either time. The important factor is that there are different nutritional values for the two. Precooked food’s nutritional value is listed on the package in which it comes. You can also use the RSDA’s website for nutritional information. For cooked nutritional information you will need to look that up based on the food, cooking method and rely on a trust worthy source.

Yes. Very few people are interested in getting on stage to compete. The majority of clients who work with me are just looking to reach the next level of fitness. I do believe that having a goal is very important. Events such as vacations, reunions, weddings and anniversaries can be powerful motivation.

I take great pride in being a highly attentive coach. I respond to emails usually within a few minutes and always within a few hours. Every client is unique and thus each plan is crafted individually. Updates are sent weekly and adjustments are made based on individual goals.

I provide a list of high quality sources for each macronutrient as well as fiber with each plan. I do support the idea that you can eat nontraditional foods as long as you are fitting them into your daily target. I can also provide solutions for cravings and lower calorie options for just about anything you would desire.

No. There has been no research which proves that eating more frequently increases metabolic rate. You will be hungry more often but hunger and metabolism are not related. My plans include instructions on optimal eating patterns for body composition and performance in the gym.