• 1
    Flexible Protein Fudge Bowl
    Receipe By Katherine Brewer
    Did someone say FUDGE AND PROTEIN !?!?!
  • 2
    12 Lentil Croquettes
    Receipe By Katherine Brewer
    These crispy croquettes are a macro friendly way to get your carb fix without breaking the macro bank all in one sitting.  High in fiber and with only 26g of carbs these are one of my favorite breakfast treats.
  • 4
    Protein Key Lime Pie
    Receipe By Lana Parker
    A Floridian's favorite treat !
  • 5
    oil free turkey egg white veggie scramble
    Receipe By Katherine Brewer
    Sometimes you just don't want to spend all your macros on breakfast, well here is a simple solution.  
  • 6
    Pumpkin Protein Pancakes
    Receipe By Rachel Sedwick
    The perfect solution for a fall diet !
  • 7
    (Air-fried) Sweet and sour chicken
    Receipe By Rachel Sedwick
    Wait, Macro friendly and "fried" LET ME AT IT !!
  • 8
    Refeed day Greek yogurt Brownies
    Receipe By Rachel Sedwick
    Brownies.... because not every day can be a low carb day.
  • 9
    Peanut butter banana protein brownies
    Receipe By Rochelle Knight
    Chocolaty, banana, peanut buttery, delicious brownies ! Not too harsh on the macros either :)