Adam Ibrahim

Certifications: B.S. in Exercise Science

Adam, a former college basketball player has played sports all his life. When he had to step away from basketball to focus on education, it changed the trajectory of his life. Adam took up powerlifting as a passion to combine his love for sports and knowledge of the human body. Adam fell in love with pushing his limits, both mentally and physically; maximizing his potential. His love for training and coaching brought him back to USF where he is currently studying for his Masters in Exercise Science and working as a Graduate Assistant, assisting with exercise physiology and other courses.

His experience as an athlete, coach, and student has allowed him to better understand nutrition and training needs for all types of individual goals: fat loss, muscle gain, and improved overall health. Adam believes exercise, nutrition, and mental health all work together for the success of individuals and all need to be considered for overall health improvement. One of the most important things we can do is help you learn proper health and fitness techniques and how to incorporate exercise into daily life. We at Pro Physique believe that making each routine functional for clients is key and will help them remain successful in the future, no matter what their goals are.