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Aliza Stitsky


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Certifications: A.S in Exercise Science and Wellness. B.S in Nutrition and Dietetics

Aliza began her Nutrition career through her passion of food and Culinary Arts. She attended Johnson and Wales University with hopes of becoming a personal chef for individuals seeking to live a healthier lifestyle but unable […]

Christina Kassel


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Certifications: Graduate Degree MS Sports and Health Sciences

Christina holds a graduate degree (MS Sports and Health Sciences) and is a former nationally qualified NPC competitor. She has completed a marathon and many half marathons along with a handful of powerlifting competitions. Having struggled with her weight throughout […]

Brooke Morrisseau


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Certifications: Bachelor’s Degree in Biomedical Sciences

Brooke Morrisseau is an avid fitness enthusiast and coach at Pro Physique. She strives to positively influence others by promoting physical and mental well-being. Brooke specializes in flexible dieting, strength training, endurance sports, nutrition programming and online coaching. She swam Division One […]

Jorge Rosado


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Jorge Rosado is a champion bodybuilder and powerlifter. Winning overall bodybuilding and men’s physique competitions along with multiple gold medals in the 83kg and 93kg weight class for the USAPL powerlifting drug-free organization. He has now taken his 10 years of experience and knowledge to help others achieve […]

Daraja Hill


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Certifications: BA Athletic Training and BOC Certified Athletic Trainer

After 8 years of competitive tennis in the USTA, Daraja began her fitness journey in 2013. Since the start of her bodybuilding career, she has earned her IFBB Pro Card, became an IFBB Bikini Champion, qualified for the Olympia and […]

Adam Ibrahim


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Certifications: B.S. in Exercise Science

Adam, a former college basketball player has played sports all his life. When he had to step away from basketball to focus on education, it changed the trajectory of his life. Adam took up powerlifting as a passion to combine his love for sports […]

Lexie Maitland


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Certifications: Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise Physiology (current) and Certified Personal Trainer

Lexie first began weight training in high school after ending her 8-year long gymnastics career. She instantly fell in love with the sport and went on to compete in 2 NPC bikini competitions.

She has a background in […]

Phil Pirtle


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Certifications: Certified Personal Trainer and NAMS Certified Nutrition Consultant

Phil is a NAMS certified nutrition consultant and has experience as both a powerlifter and fitness lifestyle client. As a kid Phil struggled with his weight and began working out at 12 as an outlet, but at 16 and […]

Kayleigh Obert


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Certifications: BA Degree and NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Kayleigh helps clients who want to improve their overall health & relationship with food, start a weight loss journey, reverse diet, build their metabolism, start their postpartum weight loss journey and beginner bikini, competitors. She started competing in 2014 & […]

Danielle Aguilar


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Certifications: Bachelors and Master’s degree in Exercise Science

Danielle Aguilar began weight training at the age of 15 when her swimming career hit a plateau and she was in need of more cross-training options. Following years of track and swimming, she opted to switch out the endless amounts […]
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