Brett Kahn

Certifications: Chiropractor


Brett who was born and raised in Michigan is a Chiropractor, a fitness model, an IFBB Pro Men’s Physique competitor and a published fitness writer. He’s been featured in Iron Man, Flex, Diabetes magazines and various online resources. Brett has maintained a passion for staying active and physically fit since an early age. A former collegiate athlete at Michigan State University, he grew up with a passion for competition and sports. This passion fueled his desire to learn about the human body and nutrition inside out, turning it into a career as a Chiropractor after 8 years of school.

An interesting fact about Brett is he is a Type 1 diabetic. In 2007, while in the midst of his college football season, Brett started getting very ill and had lost over 20 lbs. Eventually discovering his pancreas had stopped making insulin forcing him to become insulin dependent. This life-altering discovery served as a turning point to better his nutrition and manage the disease to the best of his ability without ever letting it hold him back!

Although Brett takes on limited clients each year he has been successful in helping athletes turn PRO in men’s physique, classic physique, bikini, and figure.