Author: Troy Theodosiou

What is bulking and cutting?

Bulking: A period of time when the primary goal is building muscle, gaining weight, increasing strength, or all of the above. Calorie intake is increased so a caloric surplus is present.

Cutting: A period of time when the primary goal is losing fat, losing weight, getting leaner, or all of the above. Calorie intake is decreased and/or calorie expenditure is increased so that a caloric deficit is present.

The goal of this approach isn’t to just lose weight as fast as possible. The goal here is to lose body fat while maintaining all of your hard-earned muscle and strength.

A caloric deficit is required and is set to a level that will produce optimal fat loss without hindering recovery and negatively impacting your performance in the gym. 300-500 calorie deficit per day is recommended.

Cardio is optional but can be done to help create the required deficit. Start by incline walking for 10-15 minutes prior to your workout. Program properly in reasonable amounts and intensities to avoid the same recovery related problems I just mentioned would lead to muscle loss.

Similarly, the rest of the diet plan (especially protein intake) is set up accordingly to suit the goal of preserving muscle while losing fat in a way that is the perfect combination of being effective and sustainable.

The most important of all in terms of maintaining muscle is your weight training routine. It may need to be adjusted to compensate for the drop in recovery/performance that comes with being in a caloric deficit (thus helping to ensure that strength levels are maintained).

By “cutting” in a safe and sustainable manner you are more likely to succeed and achieve your desired goal!

Take-home tips:

  1. Set a goal that is realistic and attainable.
  2. Set a timeline
  3. Change your habits


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