Christina Kassel

Certifications: Graduate Degree MS Sports and Health Sciences

Christina holds a graduate degree (MS Sports and Health Sciences) and is a former nationally qualified NPC competitor. She has completed a marathon and many half marathons along with a handful of powerlifting competitions. Having struggled with her weight throughout childhood, Christina became interested in taking control of her fitness and health while serving in the US Navy, where she met her husband. She had her first two children while active duty, and made her first trip to the NPC Bikini stage when her daughter was 18 months old. Most recently, Christina and her husband welcomed their third child and her education and experience have allowed for the easiest postpartum period yet!

Christina has a passion for helping women take back control from their preconceived notions of how their bodies should look and feel, and helping them learn how they can meet their goals. Finding strength in managing what can seem “out of their hands”, Christina can help grow one’s confidence and is a cornerstone of Christina’s coaching philosophy. She has assisted numerous clients in strength gain, fat loss goals and muscle building, she’s also worked alongside women as they overcome disordered eating patterns and has helped many postpartum women feel like themselves again, after sharing their bodies with their children for 10+ months. Having been an active duty mother of two as well as a stay at home mom to three, she understands the importance of finding that rhythm inside and outside of the home that allows things to fall into place for her clients. Her objective is to assist her clients as they learn the unique intricacies of what works best for their body and their lifestyle!

Christina is available for clients who are interested in Lifestyle & Contest Prep