Danika Johnson

Certifications: BA Psychology, Certified Master Personal Trainer and NAMS Certified Nutritional Consultant


Danika’s passion for health & fitness began at a young age. Being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at age 11 motivated her to become very in tune with her body, health and mindset.  She was highly active in sports and dance growing up and later her involvement in Competitive Bodybuilding as a Bikini Competitor earned her an IFPA and WNBF Pro Card as well as achieving the 2014 Yorton Cup Bikini World Champion and Nationally Qualified NPC Bikini Competitor.  Along the way, she achieved her BA in Psychology and MSW with a focus on eating disorders and body image disturbances.

Danika has been a Fitness Consultant, Trainer and Coach for the past 10+ years working aside a wide range of clientele with goals varying from competition prep, post prep programming, general fitness and lifestyle, postpartum, overcoming disordered eating patterns, positive habit building and much more.

She brings focus on not only achievement of one’s goals but also developing healthy relationships with self, body and food.  As a mom of two little girls, Danika greatly understands how instrumental daily habits and positive role modeling behavior is to those around us, for ourselves as well as the importance of self-care.  Her mission is to help others accomplish their goals while bridging any gaps found between emotional health and physical health.  She sees how strongly connected all aspects of wellness are and how they impact one’s progress.

Danika is a Certified NAMS Nutrition Consultant and is currently working towards attaining her Holistic Health Coach & Mind-Body Practitioner Diploma through the Mind-Food-Body Institute.  She is ready and eager to continue working with others on achieving their goals and maintaining overall health while building a strong sense of self and “WHY”.