I started working with Paul in 2018, and since then, we have won two top 5 placings at national shows, 5 overall titles (one of which earned me my IFBB Pro status in 2019). I trust Paul completely. He has become more than a coach to me. He is a friend and mentor. As a true student of the sport, he not only aims to be the best he can be for himself, but for his clients as well. His main focus is overall health, mentally and physically. He is also honest. He may not always tell you what you want to hear, but you can count on him to tell you what you need to hear. To compete on the Arnold and Olympia stage is an honor, and has been a dream of mine since I started competing. Thanks to Paul’s coaching and guidance, I will be competing at both in 2020. Paul believes in me and my dreams, and I am forever grateful to him and Team Prophysique.

Team Prophysique had become like a second family to me. From day one, my teammates welcomed me with open arms, encouraging and supporting me, and inspiring me to do the same. With such a positive and uplifting atmosphere, I could never dream of being anywhere else.


I had tried to lose weight on my own for years and was never successful at keeping it off. I would lose a few pounds, gain it back and repeat. I got tired of just being an overweight person on a diet all the time with no results. More importantly, I realized that my overall health largely depended on my reaching a healthy weight. I found Prophysique on YouTube and was introduced to Danielle. As a fitness and nutrition coach she taught me how to make sustainable lifestyle changes, which would help me to reach and maintain my fitness goals long-term. No fad dieting methods, no starving, and no insane cardio sessions. Every step of the process has been quite manageable, especially with the knowledge and support of such an awesome coach!
I have really come to enjoy the process and  now I am at my lowest weight in more than 14 years!


I’ve been working with coach Paul for over two years. I’m extremely grateful to have Paul in my life.  I consider him more than a coach, but a friend, mentor, and part of my family.  Coach Paul inspires me, believed in me, and always pushes me to be my very best.  I’m constantly learning from Paul, and he has taught me so much about bodybuilding, offseason, and competing.  He is always looking out for us athletes and has created an amazing support system that is team pro physique. This fantastic group of athletes and coaches are family.
I can’t wait for another incredible year.
Thank you, Coach Paul, for always believing in me.


I came to Stephen in quite a pickle. I inquired at Pro Physique after going through 2 months of bikini prep with a coach who payed little attention to my preferences or health – the latter being incredibly important to me.

Stephen hopped on a phone call as soon as he could as he knew I was in a time sensitive position.

From the start – Stephen was 100% honest with me. He had no interest in saying exactly what I wanted to hear to sign on with him as my coach. Instead, he was upfront about how prep would likely be difficult given the state I was in from my previous coach, & that prepping keto (a diet I followed for my health) probably wasn’t ideal, but he was game to experiment and figure it out with me.

The next 3-4 months flew by. My prep instantly improved simply because I felt I could fully trust Stephen to make decisions with my best interest and health at heart. And he never let me down.

I choose to follow a low carb diet to control my autoimmune condition, & every single time he made a change in my prep plan, Stephen emphasized how important monitoring my condition was to him when deciding what to do next. I finished my prep healthier both in mind and body than when I started, and I’m not sure many people can say that.

But… this wouldn’t be a true testimonial if I didn’t comment on WHO the real Stephen Beaugrand actually is…

He’s someone you just want in your life. He’s the one that will cut your macros at the end of the week yet somehow still make you crack a smile. He’s the little cheerleader in your corner that keeps you going because his weekly video updates are insane, somehow managing to provide you with screenshottable gold each & every time that you have full rights to share on social media because #teamawkward

The best part about all of this is that I made a friend for life when I began working with Stephen. May or may not have cried a few tears during our last phone call after my show… Stephen did, that is =P

Thank you for everything, Stevie Weenie.


I joined Team ProPhysique in May 2018 with a goal of getting back on the bikini stage. I wanted to be part of a knowledgeable team, with a coach who has experience establishing physique goals, and knows what its like to be on a bodybuilding stage. I researched multiple teams.  My decision came down to feeling confident in a person who actually knew why we work certain muscles groups, what style of training worked best, wanted the best for their competitors and what supplements to take and why. I watched so many of Paul’s YouTube videos, this was the team I wanted to be a part of. I interviewed with Tyler who made me feel confident and comfortable that I was joining a team that would drive me to attain my goals. Tyler was open to hearing what I had to say about my body, specifically the troubles I have with thyroid disease. We began building muscle and establishing a diet routine that would help my muscle growth.

Tyler and I have established a great coach-competitor relationship. We have open communication, I can ask why and get real answer, not because he said so. He is definitely not a cookie cutter coach; Very adaptable and listens. I had decent knowledge of weight training but have never seen my body change and grow like Tyler has taken my body, you must trust the process. Tyler is also very knowledgeable, as is Paul with science based exercise, why we do what we do.

After my first show Tyler reached out to me for feedback on how our year had gone and my thoughts about peak week, what we can do different, etc. Tyler was extremely supportive, emotionally and physically on show day! He’s always readily available by text or phone call, asked how I was doing, felt, etc. and gave feedback based on my input. It was truly comforting to know that my trainer was a text or phone call away.

Even peak week, I felt fully supported, everything was laid out in emails. Daily check ins kept me accountable but provided feedback and answered questions. Having clear and available communication is key in any relationship, especially with my trainer. Tyler definitely understands adaptability, but there’s also a level of trust you must have with your coach, so much that you should be able to ask why, what your coach is doing by changing your current plan. I’m not afraid of asking questions and Tyler always replies with an answer that makes sense.

You often see athletes afraid to talk to coaches, this team not like that, they actually encourage communication.

I also worked with Natalie Matthews for posing who was so supportive and encouraging. She made me feel so confident and comfortable in my posing. I received positive feedback from judges about my posing routine.

Team ProPhysique provides knowledge leading to Results and goals reached, now on to pro card for me!


When I began working with Dani I had been lifting for a while but I wanted to take it a step further and possibly compete. I chose Dani as my coach after following her on social media and realizing we were very similar in our approach to life and I loved the idea of flexible dieting. Dani taught me how to count macros and helped my relationship with food by not categorizing foods as “good” or ‘bad’. She was always there to share recipes, food hacks, helpful shortcuts or anything else I needed to make counting macros easier. After getting more comfortable with the food and making adjustments we decided it was time to start prepping to compete. I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into because I was a first time competitor, but Dani guided me and supported me through the entire process. In this sport you need to be able to trust your coach and know they have your best interest at heart. Immediately I felt like Dani was there to listen to me, guide me, encourage me and push me which built our trust very quickly. She helped transform my mind and body in ways I never thought possible and always did it in a way that felt like more than just a coach, it also felt like I had a friend in my corner. My life is forever changed because of Dani, and I couldn’t possibly thank her enough for giving me the tools and the confidence to live my best life.



That’s the feeling I have coming off of one of the most exciting weekends of my young life. I have never been more nervous and excited than I was stepping on the stage on August 3rd in Arlington.

I started out on this journey in August of 2017. My twins just turning a year old, I knew that it was time to set goals for myself. Getting back on track with my fitness and nutrition was hard. For a whole year after the twin’s birth I dedicated every ounce of myself to motherhood. I was much fluffier then and in a size 10 at their first birthday party.

I discovered Instagram and started following a handful of women who posted at-home workouts. It wasn’t long before I discovered that running was the easiest mode of exercise. Being able to stick the kids in the stroller was a breeze and I quickly got the bug. I ran in a few 10 and 15k races. Even completed my first (and only) half marathon in October of 2018.

Soon after my half marathon I decided that what I truly wanted was to lift again. I was an avid golf and volleyball athlete in my younger years and used to lift prior to pregnancy.

I started researching bodybuilding and came across Paul Revelia’s youtube. I listened for weeks. Different topics but all pertaining to bodybuilding, prep, the stage, and experience as a whole.

It was in November of 2018 that I wrote in to team prophysique and requested coaching. Being set up with Kait Callahan as my coach was soon to be.. the best decision to date.

I was in no stage shape but I had big dreams and most of all I knew my dedication. We worked weekly and she really hung with me. I had previously been an on again/off again dieter and was living a ketogenic lifestyle before starting out with Kait. She worked with me to get not just my body but my mind in just the right spot.

I was very eager to step on stage when we started out and am grateful for Kait taking the time to slow things down. She had faith in me and it showed through her constant pursuit as a coach.

We decided to enter the Southwest USA Championship in Arlington and that day will forever be remembered. As far as exceptions from here, I am still hanging out on cloud nine and coming down isn’t an option.

It’s so gratifying to finding your passion and seeing it through. I am making my dream a reality.

Thank you Kait Callahan as well as Paul Revelia and Team Pro Physique for exceeding expectations.. on every level.


I have been working with Paul since February 2015. The first picture is me when I started training with Paul. I had actually already lost a lot weight, around 100 pounds. (Wow, right?) However, I had decided I wanted to compete. I ended up getting a really great ‘old school’ coach, who had me doing hours of running a day, lifting weights 6 days a week, and eating around only 800 calories a day. While it worked well at the beginning, I eventually hit a hill that I could not climb; I couldn’t lose any more weight. Basically, my body was fighting against me. I started trying to just eat ‘clean’, but soon began gaining weight again. I was crashing fast, both physically and mentally. Jason, my husband, who had watched me struggle, began researching and soon came across Paul. I knew that I needed help. In the first picture, I had just done a small reverse on my own; I was 140lbs, with my waist at 32 inches. The second picture was taken after working with Paul 2 years, during which I cut and reversed twice; I weighed 125 pounds, with my waist at 26 inches. Not only have I seen my body change these last 2 years, I have gained a confidence in myself that I have never experienced before. I went from someone scared to death to eat bread to having a very good relationship with food. I no longer want to be skinny; I want to be strong. This year with the help of Paul, at the age 40, I took a huge leap and decided to try powerlifting. My first USAPL meet was this past December. My final deadlift was 305lbs, which qualified me for the masters class at the USAPL raw nationals this year! I have grown so much mentally and physically while working with Paul. I have become completely comfortable with my body. So much so that I have decided to take another year to improve my physique, and compete in a natural figure competition in 2018 at age 42! Paul has been with me every step of the way. Encouraging when I was ready to scream and helping me put things in prospective when I need him to. This transformation would not have happened if I hadn’t found Paul. I firmly believe I would still be hating myself and forcing myself to do ridiculous stuff in order to lose weight. Instead, I am healthy and happy!


Working with Paul has been one of the best decisions of my competing career. I came to him after 2 seasons of competing, with no bad prior experiences, but just knowing I wanted to take things to the next level. It was going to be my first season competing at nationals and I knew I needed the best. I found Paul through a few of his other clients who had nothing but positive things to say about him. One season with him and now I couldn’t imagine working with anyone else. I’ve gained not only a coach but an addition to my support system. I can state the obvious- he’s incredibly knowledgeable and knows what he’s doing, he got me leaner than ever before, etc. Which would all be true, but the difference that paul makes is this: he truly cares. He cares about his athletes, our success, our health, our mental state. He cares about always becoming a better coach. Because of Paul’s expertise, I was able to put my worry aside and just trust my coach had it handled. He’s thorough and reliable. I can’t think him enough!


Having Paul as my coach was one of the best decisions I have made, and it has been life-changing for me! Before I began my first prep with Paul, I was dieting on and off on my own and had been lifting for a couple of years. I battled with my own insecurities as well as binging a few times, but I would not have called it an eating disorder. Before I began my prep with Paul, I had been prepping a few weeks with someone who definitely did not know what they were doing. I learned so much from Paul being my coach and I now have a healthier perspective on food in general. I can eat out at most restaurants without feeling anxiety. I have learned what foods work and what do not for me when flexible dieting. I have also learned the importance of flexible dieting and building my metabolism to compete again. There’s tons of false information being spread around in the fitness industry, and I am proud to have a coach who is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about educating others. I have a coach who not only wants me to win but also has MY best interest in mind. He’s quick to respond to emails and gives honest feedback to all of my questions.

Thank you, Paul, for all of your guidance and reassurance thus far, I cannot wait to see what the future holds with you as my coach!


Since day one of contacting Paul Revelia for coaching, I never looked back. He was 1 out of 5 coaches I was looking at going with for my second Figure competition. After doing my research, looking at testimonials, and actually talking with Paul himself, I was convinced Team Pro Physique was where I needed to be. (Left picture: 140 lbs. Day 1 of prep w/ Paul, January 7, 2015)

With the flexible dieting approach, along with his excellent coaching skills, Paul took me from having a terrible relationship with food and dieting (Low-calorie meal plans, binging, too much cardio, no mindfulness when eating) to loving the process. He made me feel capable, confident and was with me every step of the way, up to the minute on peak week and for my show.

Since that show where I placed 3rd in my class (NPC Emerald Cup 2016), Paul has continued to support me with my reverse diet, which has brought me back to a weight and caloric intake I feel comfortable maintaining while also building muscle. I have big goals and I love that we talk about them and how to make them realities. (Middle pic: 123 lbs. Emerald Cup, April 29 2016. Right Pic: 140 lbs. September 21/current state)

Contest prep and reverse dieting are NOT easy, but working on these with Paul has made it so it’s not miserable either, which is what so many out there think it’s supposed to be. I learned how I can be in control of my own body even with someone prescribing a plan for me—and that plan is for ME, not anyone else, and it’s backed not just by experience, but by education and care for me as a client. I will without a doubt stay with Paul for future shows, and whatever else I decide to go for.


There were so many coaches to choose from and so many people telling me I needed to do this and that. The only thing I was certain of was that I wanted to be an IFBB Bikini Pro. I also knew I wanted to do it the right way, with my health first and no shortcuts. I was ready to work hard, but there was no doubt that I needed guidance from someone I trusted so I wouldn’t ended up spinning my wheels.

I found Paul after competing as an amateur for one year. He exceeded the list of things I was looking for in a coach so I was confident this was the right fit for me. We used a reverse diet approach for about 8 months before I began prep for my first national show.
With Paul’s help, I stepped on stage at Jr. USAs in my best condition, and although I was very confident with my package, I knew the chances of winning were slim since it was my first rodeo at a national level. However, I was pleasantly surprised and extremely excited to take home 2nd place in my class!

This really sparked a fire for me. Paul and I both agreed it would be a smart idea to step on stage again 2 weeks later at Jr. Nationals. Paul told me I would come into this show with an even better package. I honestly did not think it was possible, but he was confident so I was too. Thankfully, he was right! I stepped on stage at my all time best, and won 1st place earning my IFBB pro card.

During this time, I was in college studying Exercise Science so, naturally, I had a ton of questions and seeking the “why” behind the approaches we were taking. Paul’s willingness and patience to explain his decisions is one aspect I appreciate most about having him in my corner. I also loved that my peak week was not anything out of my normal routine which saved so much stress. I didn’t have to cut water or take diuretics and I still felt as if I looked my absolute best.

You know how you can thank someone over and over again and it never feels like it’s enough? That’s how I feel about Paul, and I am very grateful for the impact Team Pro Physique has had on my journey.


My transformation story, unfortunately, is all too familiar to most. I had competed under the guidance that was reckless (at best) and decided to break away from that approach after realizing that many of the practices being used were suboptimal and quite frankly, ridiculous. I contacted Layne Norton who highly recommended Paul. That was in 2013 and since then, Paul has coached me through 3 preps, each followed by reverse dieting that has allowed me to build a significant amount of muscle while minimizing body fat gain. I’ve started each prep in a better position than the last and prepping itself (although challenging) has required less cardio and allowed for higher caloric intake, thanks to the time and effort put into improvement season reversing. I’m currently maintaining 129 pounds (16 lbs over stage weight), 10 months post-show on 2460 calories with no programmed cardio. Working with Paul has been transformative, not just for my physique but also for my relationship with food and my relationship with other natural athletes! Looking forward to continued growth in the years to come!!


I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since I contacted Paul via email to help me get my health back on track. I’m so grateful that I just randomly found him when I was searching online for coaches that specialized in IIFYM, bodybuilding and metabolic dysfunction. I tear up as I write this because this last year has been such a roller coaster and a very emotional journey for me. When I contacted Paul I felt like I was so far down the rabbit hole and didn’t know how to get out. I was 20lbs. overweight and at 4’ 11.5 that’s a lot of extra weight for my small frame. I had lost my spunk and confidence and didn’t even want to go out of the house. Over the years I have always been active and able to maintain my weight by manipulating my diet but that came to an abrupt halt.

Prior to me contacting Paul back in 2012 I had my first sports injury ever and tore my left Achilles while working out. Healing from an injury like that challenged me both physically & mentally. It took me a couple years to heal from that and it was so incredibly painful. I wasn’t even sure if I would ever be able to walk again after surgery but I managed to get through rehab and just focused on doing upper body exercises and tried to stay active. It was about 6 months after my injury I was finally able to lightly jog on a treadmill and that was the best feeling ever! Boy was that injury ever humbling but discovered that I was stronger than I even realized. Five years later I’m about 95% healed and feel so incredibly thankful to be as active as ever even though I’m not as fast but that’s OK.

After my injury is when my weight started to creep on slowly and over the 4 years I was working out about 4-5 days a week doing strength training/bootcamp style workouts which I really enjoyed but I couldn’t lose the weight no matter what I did. So of course my thought is “workout more and eats less” to get the weight off. So I did some crazy dieting over the last few years like 7 day juice fasts, 500 calorie a day diet, all fat zero carbs, fasting for 24 hours with just water…I tried a few crazy diets and would lose a few lbs. but of course gained the weight back and more. I obviously knew nothing about nutrition. After I left my corporate job after 23 years in Oct. of 2015 I felt my body crashing from exhaustion. I wasn’t feeding my body enough nutrients and I felt like a brick wall hit me. I definitely had metabolic dysfunction from not eating the correct ratio of macro’s and I was trying to survive on 900 calories a day. Metabolic dysfunction really did a number on my body. I suffered from depression, my hormones were out of balance, I couldn’t fall asleep until after 3 am most days and would sleep until almost 11am and still wake up exhausted. I felt so terrible in every way… there were days I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it through. There were many days I felt like I didn’t want to live anymore because I was so depressed and couldn’t see a way out.

I had to stop working out completely and so I did yoga for a couple months to try give my body a break from the strenuous workouts but just keep moving. I then found Paul online and from all the positive feedback I read about him I decided to take a chance to see if he could help me. He just seemed very genuine about helping people and he knew what he was talking about, so I took a chance and I’m so glad I did. I read about IIFYM and I was VERY skeptical that it wasn’t going to work for me but I put my faith in Paul and decided I was going to listen to him and do everything he tells me to do and just trust the process. I started reverse dieting 2/12/16 with 1500 calories and slowly increased them to about 2500 over 5 months. My weight was 123 to start and I was at 128 when I started the fat loss phase on 7/9/16. Today I’m at 107.6lbs and lost 3.5” on my waist! I’m so proud of myself for being completely dedicated to getting to this point in my fitness journey.

Now that I know more about nutrition I will never starve my body again. I can’t even describe to you how happy I am to get back down to a more manageable weight, feel confident and SO happy! I’m very appreciative to Paul for his guidance, support and knowledge that has helped me get me to where I am today. He truly is AWESOME! Without him I don’t even want to think of where I’d be. It’s been so nice to have a coach there for guidance and to hold me accountable each week. Consistency and IIFYM is the key to success! I have about 5lbs. I’d like to lose along with continuing toning & building more muscle. I’m so excited for what the future holds and I can even wear my skinny jeans that have been collecting dust these last few years…YES!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Paul!!


I’ve been working with Paul for the last three years now and have nothing but good things to say. With his knowledge and guidance I’ve won first place in my open class in three NPC National qualifiers in the men’s physique division, one overall title and second call outs in my first National level show. Through working with Paul I have learned how to more efficiently keep track of my diet while having the flexibility to enjoy the foods I love. I’ve learned how to manipulate my energy expenditure and caloric intake to reach desired body compositions. I’ve been able to reach 3-4% body fat on multiple occasions and with a proper reverse I’ve been able to maintain around 10% body fat eating over 4,500 Calories daily for a sustained period of time. Paul is a great coach, friend and mentor. He knows his stuff and is very realistic and understanding when it comes to individuality and obstacles people face in trying to reach their fitness goals. I’m looking forward to working with Paul for many more shows to come.


I began working with Paul in March of 2016. I was already a very experienced competitor at this point but I needed an outside perspective from someone who really knew what they were doing. I decided to purchase a 14 week program with him, just to see how things went and after the 14 weeks I would make a decision to continue with him or not… Only after a few weeks working with Paul, I already loved him as a coach. He was so quick to respond to my check-ins, always answered my questions, and you could tell he really cared about my competition, it was clear that he wanted me to do well. I did very well at that first national show together (Jr. Nats), and we continued on to the next one USAS where I earned my IFBB Bikini pro card.

Now fast forward to September 2017 and we’ve done 3 pro bikini shows together -improving each time, and are currently in my structured improvement season together. I have absolutely loved being coached by Paul. We work together as a team in everything- he values my input, and I value his. He is honest with me and always tells me exactly what he thinks. We are not just coach / client, but we are really good friends now – which is something I didn’t expect when hiring a coach. I am very thankful for that. I send friends, family, and everyone I know to Paul because I know 100% they will be taken care of and treated well. I have nothing but the best things to say about my experience with Paul. If you’ve been searching for the right coach, you don’t have to search any further. Whether you’re a lifestyle client and have no desire of competing, or you have the biggest goals in the industry ;), Paul is the guy.