Author: Troy Theodosiou

If you burn more calories than you consume, you will lose weight. However, more often than not we become impatient with the process and put ourselves onto harsh diets expecting immediate results.

Unfortunately with dieting, you cannot just “go back” if you want to keep the results. You have to continuously be changing your diet to suit your lifestyle and goals. Setting unrealistic goals in any diet is a quick path to failure.

These are a few helpful tips you should consider before making a new lifestyle change:

Don’t Deprive Yourself

Do not drastically cut your calories so that you feel like you are starving yourself just to get by. If you feel a lack of energy or are severely unhappy, you probably won’t be motivated to continue.

Putting your body into a constant state of deprivation for more than 3-4 months might negatively affect your metabolism. Making it difficult to keep off weight at any calorie intake higher than what you were eating. This is why it is good to be changing your diet periodically.

Flexible Dieting

If you’ve ever dreamed of a diet where you can lose all of the weight you’ve wanted to lose and actually keep it off over time while NOT depriving yourself, this is it.

This gives you a chance to set a very reasonable beginning which can still yield similar results over a period of time versus expecting instantaneous results from a crash diet. 

There are hundreds upon thousands of diets out there promising you the same thing to “look better and feel better”. While these diets may work for some, they don’t always have the right foundation for everyone.

The best thing to look for when searching for the right diet is to find something that allows you freedom while still helping you achieve results. There should not be an ultimatum to these things. Diets should teach you how to apply healthier practices in your day to day life and give you the right tools to succeed!