Jessica Best

Certifications: BA degree in Sociology, BEd degree in Teaching, CanfitPro Personal Trainer, NCI Nutrition Specialist, Eleiko Strength and Conditioning Coach & FRC Movement Specialist



Jessica has been coaching athletes for over 15 years. In 2004, after retiring as an artistic swimmer, she began coaching the next generation of competitive swimmers while earning her degrees in social work and teaching. After graduating, she began a career in social work, but quickly realized coaching was her true passion. In 2012, she began training high performance artistic swimming full time. Then, in 2017, Jessica pivoted to personal training, where she found she was able to help clients on a deeper level, integrating her education and experience to help her clients succeed not just in the gym, but in the other 23 hours of their day. Her background allows for a diverse understanding to help clients improve their relationship with food, build their physiques, boost their confidence, and develop sustainable change.

After retiring from athletics, Jessica always felt something was missing in her own fitness journey. In 2018 she began competing in bikini and found a love for the sport. Now a masters competitor, Jess strives to be a role model for women who find the love of the stage later in life and promote longevity in the sport. She takes a proactive and educated approach to health and fitness, helping clients find success, hitting personal bests in the weight room, transforming their body composition and minds. Coaching for Jess goes beyond physical appearance; it is a transformative process that enables individuals to feel physically and emotionally empowered, confident, and excited to live their lives however they choose to do so.