John Hansen

Certifications: Physique and Transformation Coach


John won the Natural Mr. Universe title 3x and is the first Natural Mr. Olympia winner. He has trained and competed in bodybuilding competitions for more than 40 years. John started training as a skinny 14 year old who wanted to develop his physique and win the Mr. Universe title one day. He began competing at 16 years old and entered 10 teenage bodybuilding competitions before the age of 20. At 21 years old, John had gained 100 pounds from when he began bodybuilding and he did it naturally with just hard training and good nutrition. In addition to his Natural Mr. Universe and Natural Mr. Olympia titles, John has also won the Natural Mr. North America, the Natural Mr. Illinois and the Natural America’s Cup competitions as well as the Illinois State Championships, the Mid-America Championships and the Illinois Cup.

In addition to his competitive career, John has also conducted seminars on bodybuilding and physique transformations all over the world. He is the author of the book Natural Bodybuilding (Human Kinetics, 2005), Bodybuilding Heroes and Legends, Vol. One, The MP6 Workout and Diary of a Natural Bodybuilder. John wrote his own training and nutrition advice column for IronMan Magazine for 14 years (from 2000-2013) and has produced two DVD’s about bodybuilding – Real Muscle and Bodybuilding Seminar and Competitions. He currently hosts the Bodybuilding Legends Podcast each week for the last four years.

John brings over four decades of training and nutrition experience and knowledge with him. He is an expert on how to transform the physique naturally by adding muscle and losing fat. With his extensive experience, John knows first hand how the body changes as we get older and how to look your best no matter what age you are.